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Fight for what you want

During the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival 2013 we met amazing teams from the MENA region. Statements like ” I can’t imagine my life without playing football” or  “I don’t care about what they talk, I do whats good for me” emphasized how strong these women are in their believes and that they fight for their passion. Continue reading


Wie kann mit Hilfe von Fußball Gewalt gegen Frauen bekämpft werden?



Berlin. – Wie kann mit Hilfe von Fußball Gewalt gegen Frauen bekämpft werden? Mit diesem Thema beschäftigen sich zehn Frauen aus der MENA-Region im Rahmen der Konferenz „Addressing Gender-Based Violence through Football in the Middle East and North Africa“ vom 7.-11. April in Berlin . Die Konferenz wird von der Berliner NGO DISCOVER FOOTBALL und niederländischen NGO Women Win organisiert und von der niederländischen Novo Foundation unterstützt. Continue reading


Beirut. – In preparation of the Women´s Football Festival  in Lebanon, a delegation of DISCOVER FOOTBALL is currently in Beirut to meet partners and learn more about women’s football and the situation in Lebanon in general.



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Arab Female Football Festival in Lebanon July/August 2015: Apply now!

Female football teams from MENA region are invited to apply for the Arab Female Football Festival 2015 in Lebanon. We welcome all teams that play against the odds, in spite of the difficulties they face as female football players in their country.

Prior to the FIFA U-17 World Cup held in Jordan in 2016, the Lebanese Girls Football Academy (GFA) and the German NGO DISCOVER FOOTBALL will host the first international female football festival in Lebanon in July/August 2015. The goals of the tournament are to raise awareness about women’s football in the Middle East and to increase media exposure of women’s football in Lebanon and the neighboring countries.

In order to celebrate the power of female football there will be an international football tournament in Beirut combined with four days of football practice and a workshop program for young girls (ages 11-18) from different rural areas of Lebanon.

For four days, all the tournament participants will go on tour and travel from Beirut to different rural areas in Lebanon (North-Zgharta, South-Sour, Central North-Jounieh and Central South- Beirut). In each region, fun football games and educational courses related to football, gender equality and social development will be conducted for girls and women from the respective community.

For the implementation of the project GFA and DISCOVER FOOTBALL will cooperate with AFDP, Right to Play and One Goal, NGOs active in the field of sport for social development.

Find the application forms here.

APPLY NOW: 2015 Sport for Women’s Empowerment Seminar

Addressing Gender-Based Violence through Football in the Middle East and North Africa

Berlin, April 7-11, 2015

Violence against girls and women is a grave violation of human rights. Its impact ranges from immediate to long-term multiple physical, sexual and mental consequences for girls and women, including death. According to a 2013 global review of available data, 35 per cent of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence. Continue reading