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Tibet women football players attending DISCOVER FOOTBALL festival in Berlin


A women delegation representing the Tibet Women’s Football organisation has been invited to play in our DISCOVER FOOTBALL festival. It is for the first time since its formation in 2011 that the Tibetan women football team in exile is travelling abroad. Continue reading


The Tournament

At this year’s festival we want to do more than just broach the issue of overcoming borders tied to social gender, ethnic or religious affiliation or ascription, and physical abilities. Above all we want to overcome concrete language and geographic barriers, and create the basis for an exchange that is physically felt.

Today our women met their new team players and learned about their background.

Tuesday the festival starts officially. The Opening Game Green Grass plays against Red Clay. The game starts June 30, 7:00 pm right after the opening ceremony.

That’s the tournament plan for the preliminary round.


DISCOVER FOOTBALL 2015 – Arrival and First Contact

Its happening! Over 100 women from all over the world arrived in Berlin on Saturday finally. No boundaries to feel, tears of jouy, surprising reunion. It has been emotional to all of us and stirred up curiosity. What will bing this week?


Continue reading

beyond (b)orders – Über 100 Fußballspielerinnen aus der ganzen Welt zu Gast in Berlin


Berlin, 23.6.2015 – DISCOVER FOOTBALL lädt zum 4. Internationalen Frauen*-Fußball-Kultur-Festival beyond (b)orders vom 30.6. bis 5.7. im Willy-Kressmann-Stadion in Berlin-Kreuzberg, mit Fußballturnier, Open-Air Kino, live Konzerten, Ausstellung, Podiumsdiskussionen und Zuschauer_innen-Turnier ein. Der Eintritt ist für alle frei.

Während in Kanada zur Frauenfußballweltmeisterschaft die letzten, entscheidenden Spiele stattfinden, treffen sich vom 30. Juni bis 5. Juli in Berlin-Kreuzberg mehr als 100 unabhängige Fußballspielerinnen und Trainerinnen aus 25 Ländern u.a. aus Argentinien, Brasilien, Burkina Faso, China, Kambodscha, Norwegen, Serbien, Tansania, Tibeterinnen aus Indien, und Südafrika, um von einander zu lernen, sich über Ländergrenzen hinweg zu vernetzen, und in einem Freundschaftsfußballturnier ihre Kräfte zu messen. Auch dabei sind Spielerinnen von Frau am Ball und Champions ohne Grenzen. Mit dem DISCOVER FOOTBALL-Frauen*-Fußball-Kultur-Festival beyond (b)orders möchte Discover Football in und mit seiner Leidenschaft Fußball soziale und politische Grenzen für Frauen in Sport und Gesellschaft überwinden. Aus diesem Grund treffen sich die Spielerinnen, Coaches und individuellen Aktivist_innen in neuen Teamkonstellationen wieder. Continue reading

Welcome to the new global platform on women´s football and empowerment

The women´s football and women´s rights NGO DISCOVER FOOTBALL hosts this blog on international women´s football and empowerment in order to organize advocacy efforts,  coordinate activities, share information and raise awareness.

The idea developed during the Brazil Campaign on women´s football and empowerment in Rio de Janeiro during the FIFA World Cup 2014. The international campaign team decided to continue to work together to increase visibility of women in football and to combat sexism, homophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination on and off the pitch.

This initiative is open to everyone, who is involved in football and women´s rights.

One example of organized international advocacy was the Action Day in July 2014. The idea is to have decentralized Action Days once a year in several countries and cooperate on other advocacy activities e.g sharing information about current discussions and conferences and inform each other about problems in different countries. This way we can share resources and solidarity.

Share event announcements, stories, calls for action and campaigns with: