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Fight for what you want

During the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival 2013 we met amazing teams from the MENA region. Statements like ” I can’t imagine my life without playing football” or  “I don’t care about what they talk, I do whats good for me” emphasized how strong these women are in their believes and that they fight for their passion. Continue reading


What Girls Say


Football unites! Girls between the age of 8 and 12 experienced that during the DISCOVER FOOTBALL festival as well.

“We life football” – “Girls Power” – “Same Rights for Girls”

IMG_2195 IMG_2198

Committed clubs from Kreuzberg offer female football fans from neighbourhood access to the game and open spaces for exchange. Already for the third time we brought girls from different schools of Kreuzberg together. With this special football camp Seitenwechsel e.V. with the support of DISCOVER FOOTBALL accomplished some important pioneering work, as girl´s still have difficulties to access traditional sport opportunities. Continue reading

SIGNS – Learning how to communicate in football visually or verbally

For many women playing football is more than just a sport. Playing football means to claim spaces in society that are usually reserved for men. Oftentimes, to stand up for the “right to play football” goes hand in hand with the commitment to women’s rights, equality and against discrimination. In order to strengthen this commitment, during the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival in 2015 we have organized a manifold workshop program. Empowerment of women is not just the central subject of these workshops but also their realization guideline: By the great majority the workshops are constituted as “women-only-spaces”. This gives the players the opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange their experiences with other players as well as with Berlinbased initiatives.


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Tibet women football players attending DISCOVER FOOTBALL festival in Berlin


A women delegation representing the Tibet Women’s Football organisation has been invited to play in our DISCOVER FOOTBALL festival. It is for the first time since its formation in 2011 that the Tibetan women football team in exile is travelling abroad. Continue reading

The Tournament

At this year’s festival we want to do more than just broach the issue of overcoming borders tied to social gender, ethnic or religious affiliation or ascription, and physical abilities. Above all we want to overcome concrete language and geographic barriers, and create the basis for an exchange that is physically felt.

Today our women met their new team players and learned about their background.

Tuesday the festival starts officially. The Opening Game Green Grass plays against Red Clay. The game starts June 30, 7:00 pm right after the opening ceremony.

That’s the tournament plan for the preliminary round.


1. Berliner Flüchtlings-Sport Kongress

In Berlin leben rund 10.000 Flüchtlinge in über 40 Sammelunterkünften sowie weitere 8500 in ihren eigenen Wohnungen. Der Lebensalltag der meist jungen Flüchtlingen ist gekennzeichnet durch die (gewollte) räumliche- und soziale Isolation in den Sammelunterkünften, geringer Zugang zur Kultur-, Bildungs- und Hilfsangeboten, Verständigungsschwierigkeiten aufgrund fehlender Sprachkenntnisse, psychische Belastung als Folge von Flucht und Vertreibung, Unsicherheit in Bezug auf den Aufenthaltsstatus, geringe finanzielle Möglichkeiten und fehlende Arbeits- und Ausbildungserlaubnis.

Für Flüchtlinge ist das Fußballspielen eine Abwechslung zum oft tristen und unsicheren Lebensalltag. Doch obwohl Fußball insbesondere unter den Jüngeren sehr beliebt ist, spielen nur wenige Flüchtlinge in einem Sportverein. Dabei bietet das Mitspielen in einem Team den Flüchtlingen die Möglichkeit einer aktiven Freizeitgestaltung und leistet somit einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Verbesserung der gesellschaftlichen Teilhabe. Sport kann Flüchtlingen helfen, in bestehende und funktionierende Gruppen einzutreten, neue Sozial-räume zu erschließen, am öffentlichen Leben teilzunehmen, Kontakte aufzubauen und somit in der Bevölkerung und in der der neuen Heimat Fuß zu fassen.

Auf dem ersten Flüchtlings- Sport- Kongress sollen die Möglichkeiten, wie der organisierte Sport und insbesondere der Fußball Flüchtlingen bei der Integration helfen kann, diskutiert werden. Champions ohne Grenzen möchte die Chance nutzen, um erstmalig Verantwortliche aus Sportvereinen, Sozial- und Wohlfahrtsverbänden und Verwaltung sowie Flüchtlinge, engagierte Einzelpersonen und Initiativen der Flüchtlingsarbeit zusammenzubringen. Eine problem- und lösungsorientierte Debatte, in welcher konkrete Pläne und langfristige Projekte zur Reduzierung von Zugangsbarrieren für Geflüchtete entwickelt werden, sind die wichtigsten Anliegen der Konferenz. 

Der Kongress findet am 10. Oktober von 15 bis 20 Uhr im Berliner Abgeordneten Haus statt.

New grassroots initiative in Nigerian School

This is a report from Nabiye Tal from Nigeria, who founded the NGO INITIATIVE FOR THE ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN (IEVAWC) and was one of the campaigners for the DISCOVER FOOTBALL campaign in Brazil. Inspired through her stay in Brazil she decided to get more involved in women´s and girl´s football with her NGO.


„When i returned back to my country, i realized that it is not as easy as it seems to work on a female football team, since in reality, even at the national level, the female football team does not really have any impact on girls in the country. So it was a bit difficult and coupled with the abduction of schoolgirls, by Boko Haram, many parents and guardians were skeptical about letting girls play since they may not be safe. My team and I then thought to approach a certain school and we spoke to the principal of the school about playing football with her girls. She agreed and a date was fixed for us to meet with the girls. The first practice session went well and the sessions are supposed to continue.”



Boltzplatz Ralley am 26.9. in Berlin



diosas olímpicas

¿Who likes football? Muchas manos se levantaron. “I am going to tell you about my story”, le dijo Caitlin Fisher, ex capitana de la selección femenil de futbol de la Universidad de Harvard, al traductor que se lo comunica a unas cincuenta niñas que acudieron a la US Ambassadors Cup recientemente en El Parque Seminario, Toluca. Algunas de ellas solían vender dulces en la calle, pero hoy juegan futbol gracias al DIF de Tlanepantla y a la Academia Gonzo Soccer, por eso escuchaban atentas a la futbolista profesional.

“I started to play when I was six years old”, siguió Caitlin, quien posee un curriculum más parecido al del perfil de una ejecutiva del Wall Street que al de la activista que usa el futbol como herramienta para promover por el mundo la equidad de género mediante su organización no gubernamental Guerreiras Project, una iniciativa a la que se…

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Champions ohne Grenzen sucht Trainer_in