Fight for what you want

During the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival 2013 we met amazing teams from the MENA region. Statements like ” I can’t imagine my life without playing football” or  “I don’t care about what they talk, I do whats good for me” emphasized how strong these women are in their believes and that they fight for their passion.

And that’s how the idea for the first international women´s football tournament in Beirut with Girls Football Academy was born.

Prior to the FIFA U-17 World Cup held in Jordan in October 2016 we will raise awareness about women’s football in the region and increase media exposure of women’s football in Lebanon and the neighboring countries. The festival will provide a platform to present and question gender roles & rights and give inspiring women a space to tell their stories. More than 80 players, primarily from North Africa & West Asia will benefit locally and internationally from the media coverage and recognition of being part of this ground-breaking festival. They will learn new skills and present as well as participate in different workshops. More than 200 girls in rural areas will participate in football and gender workshops which will serve as a kick-off for long-term girl’s projects by the GFA.  Their goal of these activities is to establish regular girls’ and women‘s football teams in each area.

Highlights of the week:

Sunday July, 26 – Beirut Nejmeh-Stadium:

8:00 pm Opening Ceremony

Saturday August, 1 – Beirut Nejmeh-Stadium:

2:00 – 4:00 pm Girls Football Tournament

4:00 – 5:00 pm Match for 3rd place International Tournament

5:00-6:00 pm Final International Tournament

Free entrance for all females, 11-18 years old. Others are welcome to watch.

For the implementation of the project Girls Football Academy  and DISCOVER FOOTBALL will cooperate with the Asian Football Development Project, Right to Play, Friedrich-Ebert Foundation and World Vision.

For more information please contact:

Walid Arajki (GFA Lebanon): +961 70 139 885

Nadia Assaf (GFA Lebanon): +961 3 69 17 70


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