11695020_10153469570568270_5347638941771934246_n We successfully completed the DISCVOER FOOTBALL Festival in Berlin and are now looking forward to our next project. Together with the Lebanese Girls Football Academy (GFA) we will host the first international female football festival in the MENA region,  July 27 till August 2, 2015.

OUR GOAL: Raise awareness about women’s football in the region and to increase media exposure of women’s football in Lebanon and the neighboring countries.

OUR VISION: Greater acceptance of women’s football as a symbol for gender equality and social integration in Lebanon and other Arab countries, opportunities and more rights for girls from rural areas.

In order to celebrate the power of female football we organize an international football tournament in Beirut combined with football practice and a workshop program for young girls from different rural areas of Lebanon (North-Zgharta, South-Sour, Central North-Jounieh and Central South- Beirut). In each region, fun football games and educational courses related to football, gender equality and social development will be conducted for girls and women from the respective communities.

And in the afternoon teams from several Arab countries and of course DISCOVER FOOTBALL will compete on the pitch in order to share empowerment, solidarity and freedom.

We will simply celebrate Our Game, Our Goals!


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