What Girls Say


Football unites! Girls between the age of 8 and 12 experienced that during the DISCOVER FOOTBALL festival as well.

“We life football” – “Girls Power” – “Same Rights for Girls”

IMG_2195 IMG_2198

Committed clubs from Kreuzberg offer female football fans from neighbourhood access to the game and open spaces for exchange. Already for the third time we brought girls from different schools of Kreuzberg together. With this special football camp Seitenwechsel e.V. with the support of DISCOVER FOOTBALL accomplished some important pioneering work, as girl´s still have difficulties to access traditional sport opportunities.

IMG_2168 IMG_9502 IMG_2244 IMG_2425

Focus were on beyond borders as well. Girls were mixed in different teams and got to know girls from the neighborhood. Football practice, art work for a banner expressing their thoughts on football and why they are playing football have been part of the camp. We wanted to provide liminal experiences and show how reality in football look like today.

IMG_2203 IMG_2273 IMG_2261IMG_2223 IMG_9656 IMG_9654

Our special highlight were the friendly matches. Girls from the girls camp played together with ambassadors from our festival teams.

IMG_9619 IMG_9611   IMG_9604IMG_9615

Seitenwechsel aims to help its members gain varied athletic experience, regardless of their skin color, social and ethnic background, physical condition, age or sexual identity. Seitenwechsel offers diverse athletic groups in a wide variety of sports, often divided into different skill levels. The focus always been not on achievement but on having fun. They are active in Berlin and beyond the city limits in national and international organisations to promote the rights of women, lesbian, trans*in sports and to fight discrimination.



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