DISCOVER FOOTBALL 2015 – Arrival and First Contact

Its happening! Over 100 women from all over the world arrived in Berlin on Saturday finally. No boundaries to feel, tears of jouy, surprising reunion. It has been emotional to all of us and stirred up curiosity. What will bing this week?


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After arriving at the hostel, resting from long trips there have been plenty of time to sniff at each other. Today the crowd came together in Willy-Kressmann stadium. Ice breaking activities, team shake-up, remembering names, learning how to greet in other languages, painting the own football path provided lots of variety. Exchange has been very intense and everyone had lots of fun.

IMG_5795 IMG_5841 IMG_5859 IMG_6476IMG_6482 IMG_6490 IMG_6631

Most intersting part of the day to learn in which team everyone will playing. The teams, coaches, and individual activists band together to form new mixed teams.

Team assembly:

1. Blue Turf Team 
Players from Argentinia, Brazil, Cambodia, Columbia, Coaches South Africa and Tibet

2. White Sand Team
Players from Tibet, China, Serbien, Kambodscha, Coaches from  South Africa and Kenia

3. Purple Pavement Team
Players from Uganda, Burkina Faso, Tibet, Coaches aus Tansania, Mexico and Argentinia

4. Silver Stones Team
Players from Südafrika, China, Serbia, Benin, Norway, Afghanistan, Coaches from Burkina Faso and  South Africa

5. Green Grass Team
Players from Tansania, Burkina Faso, Südafrika, Serbia Coaches from China and South Africa

6. Red Clay Team
Players from Tanzania, Brazil, Serbia, Coaches from Sambia and Norway

7. Yellow Asphalt Team
Players from Argentinia, Russia, Kirgisistan, Egypt and Uganda, Coaches from Cambodia and Ukraine

8. Black Rubber Team
Players from Champions ohne Grenzen, L-MAG und Frau am Ball, Coaches from Nigeria

Today US ambassador John Emerson and his twins Hayley and Taylor visited us onsite. Very exciting moments especially since his twins also playing football at Hertha BSC. John spent some time with all participants and everyone shared their background and experiences.

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At the end of the day teams started their exersice in the new constellation. Definitely they will have lots of fun playing with each other against each other.

IMG_6683 IMG_6876 IMG_6905 IMG_6913 IMG_6962


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