New grassroots initiative in Nigerian School

This is a report from Nabiye Tal from Nigeria, who founded the NGO INITIATIVE FOR THE ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN (IEVAWC) and was one of the campaigners for the DISCOVER FOOTBALL campaign in Brazil. Inspired through her stay in Brazil she decided to get more involved in women´s and girl´s football with her NGO.


„When i returned back to my country, i realized that it is not as easy as it seems to work on a female football team, since in reality, even at the national level, the female football team does not really have any impact on girls in the country. So it was a bit difficult and coupled with the abduction of schoolgirls, by Boko Haram, many parents and guardians were skeptical about letting girls play since they may not be safe. My team and I then thought to approach a certain school and we spoke to the principal of the school about playing football with her girls. She agreed and a date was fixed for us to meet with the girls. The first practice session went well and the sessions are supposed to continue.”



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