Fare delegation meets in Rome as part of ‘Respect Diversity’ conference

Over 70 Fare delegates representing 28 European countries met in Rome this week ( on 10 September), ahead of the UEFA 2014 Respect Diversity conference, to receive an update on work progress and to discuss areas of strategy for the coming months.

The meeting, lead by Fare Chairperson Howard Holmes, took a broader look at the organisation’s work for 2014/15 through an update on financial matters, an overview of the Fare Observer Scheme first year outcomes and second season plan; the 2014 Football People action weeks campaign in October and funding opportunities made available to members, such as the newly created ethnic minority grants.

The current three Fare ambassadors, which include the former Ghana international Anthony Baffoe, former England B international and Chelsea captain Paul Elliott and Belgian striking legend Mbo Mpenza, were presented to the delegates along with a plan to approach three female players and an LGBT ambassador over the next year.

On the network’s strategy, Paul Elliott said: “We are all mindful that there have been great changes in the fight against discrimination but also that the challenges have become greater and broader in other areas and so it is pleasing to see Fare’s efforts to expand its network of partners, build relationships and lead the way”.

During the meeting the delegates, selected to reflect the diversity of the networks activities and expertise at the Respect Diversity conference, were advised on the procedures, opportunities and expected outcomes of the event.

A number of wider suggestions, including the development of a ‘report discrimination’ mobile app; the activation of an LGBT group under the Fare umbrella; and the increase of female representation, a long-term goal of Fare, in initiatives such as the Fare Observer scheme, were made and discussed among the participants.

http://ht.ly/BjkY6 Farenet Septmeber 12th 2014


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