The Future on Women´s Football – BBC Documentary

Women’s football is one of the world’s fastest growing sports, with over 30 million women participating worldwide. Yvonne Macken reports on the struggle to establish the women’s game and explores what it is about football that can have men and women love it with an equal intensity and, seemingly to some, irrational passion.

With the men’s elite game under increased global scrutiny, Yvonne Macken assesses whether women’s football could be a lifeline. She hears the experiences of young women from Trinidad and Tobago, Iceland, Brazil, Japan, the UK, the USA and Africa.
Dr Samie, affiliate scholar from the Centre for Sport, Peace & Society, highlights the interest and challenges for women playing in the Middle East. Meanwhile, sports historian Dr Jean Williams reveals football’s ancient roots, and financial analyst Steve Clapham challenges the lack of disclosure in the age of global branded leagues. Has commercialisation taken the league too far from its own grassroots and can you mix profit with passion?Caitlin Fisher, of the Guerreiras Project contributes to the program as well. 
With football organisations globally evolving a sustainable business model for the women’s game, and with the 2015 World Cup in their sights, Yvonne asks what strategies will allow young girls the option to choose football as a viable career just like the boys.

Listen here.


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