Welcome to the new global platform on women´s football and empowerment

The women´s football and women´s rights NGO DISCOVER FOOTBALL hosts this blog on international women´s football and empowerment in order to organize advocacy efforts,  coordinate activities, share information and raise awareness.

The idea developed during the Brazil Campaign on women´s football and empowerment in Rio de Janeiro during the FIFA World Cup 2014. The international campaign team decided to continue to work together to increase visibility of women in football and to combat sexism, homophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination on and off the pitch.

This initiative is open to everyone, who is involved in football and women´s rights.

One example of organized international advocacy was the Action Day in July 2014. The idea is to have decentralized Action Days once a year in several countries and cooperate on other advocacy activities e.g sharing information about current discussions and conferences and inform each other about problems in different countries. This way we can share resources and solidarity.

Share event announcements, stories, calls for action and campaigns with: womensfootballaction@discoverfootball.de


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